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In 2023, the Purge Night is about to start for the next 12 hours. A stranger leaves home and drives his car with a mysterious purpose. Meanwhile, the couple Liz and Shane are provoked by a masked man. They drive in the highway and their car unexpectedly stops. Soon they find that it was sabotaged by the group of masked man that are waiting for the beginning of the Purge. When it begins, they are hunted down by the masked man. Meanwhile, Eva and her daughter Cali find that Eva's father sold himself to a wealthy family since he is a burden to Eva and Cali since he is sick. Out of the blue, an army invades their building and breaks into their apartment. They are taken to the leader but the stranger decides to save them and kills the soldiers. Meanwhile Liz and Shane hide inside the stranger's car and he decides to help them to survive. However his car is hit by the bullets and he needs another car for his mission. Eva tells that her friend Tanya lives a few blocks away and he would borrow her car. Soon the stranger gets involved by the four survivors and helps them during the dangerous night.
A couple are driving home when their car breaks down just as the Purge commences. Meanwhile, a police sergeant goes out into the streets to get revenge on the man who killed his son, and a mother and daughter run from their home after assailants destroy it. The five people meet up as they attempt to survive the night in Los Angeles.
In order to review this title I had to find my IMDb password and I took the trouble of finding the password only because this movie is incredibly awful and I just feel the necessity to say shame on the director, producer, writer etc for such a pathetic show. Well it is not new in Hollywood that we get to see such awful shows, but what makes me wonder about the movie makers is that they really don't learn and after all the education process they go through in order to be movie makers, they simply fail to understand the most basic necessities in movie making, we are living in 2014 and we love to call ourselves modern and civilized but when a piece of crap like this is made, it makes me feel the people responsible for this anarchy should go back to primary school to get another chance to learn some basics of life as I have no doubt in my mind they are uncivilized brutes who reached to that level by cheating and corruption. How many times have critics and people alike used the word cliché in a negative way? but yet we have cliché full crap thrown at us every single time. Who are the people who like this movie makes me wonder about what is in their heads? Probably coconut husk! Alarming times have arrived. A 6.6 rating for a movie like this would mean 12 Angry men should get the rating of at least 90, and scale should be 100. Otherwise this rating is a fabrication, a lie, a disgrace, a failure. Yes I maybe outspoken but that is because I care, about the quality of life in every aspect, I do not like people whose quality is the measurement of how many dollars are in the bank. This movie has a worst plot, or we can say they think people are very foolish and they maybe right, they are throwing this garbage at us so will consume it and make them rich and they succeed, which in itself is the biggest failure of the people of our century.
We all watched &#39;The Purge&quot; a year back thinking that the plot would keep you on the edge throughout the movie. Well, at least I did. It was a disappointment for most of us, including me.<br/><br/>This one, whoo! I must say, did do the job for me. I watched the movie in a constant state of mind thinking and putting myself in the shoes of the characters shown in the movie (some of them) as I was on the edge throughout the viewing and forced to rate it 7/10. <br/><br/>Its a good one time watch for you will see the different angles of any human who would have to survive such 12 long hours. One can derive a lot of moral from the movie if related the plot in a much broader perspective. <br/><br/>Although, the movie can become predictable at times, I must give the credit to the entertainment factor it offers to the viewers. <br/><br/>All in all, a job well done by Mr. James DeMonaco and others. Cheers to all! Enjoy the movie!
Retains the original’s premise and politics, but actually puts them to use.
Yes, but no characters from the previous movie are related to this movie except one (the stranger let inside during the first film appears as a guerrilla soldier). The story is focused on completely different characters.
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